10 Funniest Moments of John Cena's Acting Career


Over the years, John Cena has put together a hilarious highlight reel of funny moments in the WWE to the delight of most wrestling fans. This includes an endless number of witty one-liners and insults, a few creative raps, and even some physical comedy. The rest of the entertainment business and world soon noticed his humor and diverse talents, and Cena was quickly cast in a number of commercials, TV cameos, and film roles. Oftentimes he played his wrestling persona, which translates well to a number of different situations, but Cena has also expanded his repertoire to include some original characters as well. Cena even accepted an offer to host the Nickelodeon’s Kid Choice Awards, which will air on March 11, 2017.

Sure, John Cena has appeared in some dramatic roles too, but we’re not concerned with that right now. Instead, we combed the Internet for Cena’s funniest TV, movie, and advertising appearances, and compiled them into a single list here. If you’d like to watch the full versions of any of the following clips, they are all available on YouTube. In the meantime, here are the 10 funniest moments of John Cena’s acting career.