10 Fun Pop Songs With Secret Dark Meanings


The world has been shaking it on the dance floor to pop songs for decades. Most of the time they are about light subjects about love, life, and girl power, but sometimes, we can be completely thrown off by the happy beat and not realize just how dark the song may be. From depression, to balloons that set off a nuclear war, these are 10 fun pop songs with dark secret meanings.

When The Weeknd came out with his fun pop song “Can’t Feel My Face” the hearts melted around the world, because everyone thought it was a love song. Though, it may be a love song, it doesn’t mean The Weeknd’s face is going numb because he’s so in love he can’t quit smiling. Nope, his face is numb because he has been taking drugs and that is the feeling he as when he takes them. It has been said that the drug cocaine has a numbing affect when it is used. This song actually personifies cocaine, and The Weeknd’s affair with the drug. He states that he can’t feel his face when he is with, or using, cocaine.

In 2011, when Lady Gaga came out with her hit “Poker Face” it had everyone dancing along, and thinking Gaga was one tough girl to crack. Though, she was talking about having a poker face to hide her emotions, it wasn’t quite clear what the emotions she was hiding were. While at a live performance, the singer explained that the song was about her struggle with bisexuality. The song was inspired by a time she was dating a man, but every time they were intimate she would secretly think about women. Gaga then had to have a “poker face” as to not let her then boyfriend know that she was thinking about girl when they had sex, and not him.

Another catchy song that everyone loved to dance along to, but may have missed the total dark meaning is “Hey Ya!” by Outkast. In the song singer, Andre 3000 gives his commentary about the futility of relationships. . In the lyrics “If what they say is nothing is forever, then what makes love the exception” shows his dismal outlook on love. Andre knows his audience is ignoring his message when he stops all the talk about relationships and just starts telling everyone to dance, and everyone obliged by shaking it like a Polaroid picture.

Just because a song features the word “drink” or being drunk, doesn’t mean that it should become a party anthem. When singer and songwriter, Sia, blew up the airwaves with her summer 2014 hit “Chandelier” it had everyone singing and drinking along to the lyrics “1,2,3,1,2,3 drink”. But drinking and partying weren’t exactly the reason she wrote the song. Though, the song highlighted her party days, it wasn’t supposed to shine a good light on them. “Chandelier” was a way for Sia to sing about her battle with alcoholism, and the days when she was a party girl, and the only thing she cared about was to “keep my glass full until morning light”.