10 Floating Cities That Could Save Humanity


Should global warming ever melt the polar ice caps to a point where the Earth is flooded, what does that mean for humanity? While we would like to think that the experience will be like the movie, “Waterworld,” it is highly doubtful that there will be rogue tribes trying to find their home, with dry land being nothing more than a myth. Scientists, architects, and engineers have been working for decades trying to find alternative homes for civilization as the environment gets more unstable each year. It seems that the apocalypse in the form of flooding may very well be in our reach. But the question is, how can we ensure the survival of not only humanity, but the creations we have like books, paintings, movies, and more. Thanks to the hard work of several companies, we could have a solution as early as 2020. While it’s reassuring to know the solution is coming, do we want it this early? Is Earth’s doom that imminent?

In this video are ten floating cities that could save humanity. If the world becomes engulfed in water, these floating cities could be the solution. 71% of our planet is already covered in water, and it seems that losing the land wouldn’t be that big of a loss. Given how tiny we are in comparison to Earth, the increasing water levels should concern us. However, there are people and large corporations who have no interest in preserving our planet. So, it seems that these floating cities will find their use sooner than we think.