10 Flight Attendants You Wont Believe Actually Exist


Flight attendants go through an incredible amount of training before they take to the skies. But no matter how much you practice in an artificial scenario, nothing can prepare you for when you’re thousands of feet above the air and disaster strikes. In this video, we’ll introduce you to some shocking flight attendants that you won’t believe exist. Carol Miller’s quick thinking saved a baby that was born prematurely on her flight. While Miller was saving a life, the Iron Women of China were being taught to bring down anyone causing trouble aboard an aircraft. Wait until you see what their training looks like! Marty Cobb has been a flight attendant for over a decade and is known for making people laugh with her unique brand of safety instructions. Being aware of a potentially serious situation can save lives, and that’s exactly what Sheila Frederick did when she saw a teenage girl who appeared to be in trouble. During an arduous 15 week training course in China, hopeful future flight attendants were delighted to see Baymax from Big Hero 6 serving them up delicious drinks. We’ll also introduce you to a woman who managed to talk a man into releasing a plane full of hostages before even leaving the runway. While pilots are often the ones that end up in the limelight, flight attendants can be just as heroic when dealing with an emergency. They say that the clothes make the man, but when it comes to the female flight attendants on VietJet, the new uniforms have made the CEO a very rich woman.