10 Fictional Characters Based On Real People


What sorts of films and television shows interest you? Sure, for some of us a good documentary or non-fictional piece can really hold our attention. For almost everyone, however, those fantastic sci-fi, horror, comedy and action movies really get our imaginations going. While the storyline and special effects are something that can make or break a production, we think the characters play one of the biggest roles. In fact, most of our favorite characters are works of pure fiction. Dreamed up and created to fill a certain role, there have been some rather memorable fictional characters who just happened to be based on very real individuals.

Ahead you’ll see 10 famous fictional TV and movie characters who were based on very real people. There’s the maniacal Joker, a criminal mastermind who terrifies Gotham, yet is based on a movie star. At Hogwarts we’ve got Severus Snape, a character who was based on a chemistry teacher from England. Indiana Jones, everyone’s favorite academic adventurer, shared many characteristics with real life adventurer Hiram Bingham III. Like the Simpsons? Well, stick around and we’ll show you how Krusty was based on a real life clown who didn’t act as badly. Robert Downey Jr. may have become the face of Tony Stark and Iron Man, but another famous and wealthy playboy actually inspired the Marvel hero. If the music industry and power games of the entertainment industry interest you then the links between Empire’s Lucious Lyon and a very famous rapper may be your thing. When it comes to Superman and Wolverine, there are no real life people with those kinds of power. That said, there are a bunch of actors who directly inspired the creation of these two super hero icons. Feeling nerdy? We’ll show you how the Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper isn’t totally fictitious. That’s right, there’s someone out there who is kind of like the infuriating, yet funny physicist. We’ll end it all off with Diana Prince – better known as Wonder Woman. Totally fictitious, her creation required inspiration from two very real women.