10 Fashion Trends That Should Make A Comeback


We all know that history tends to repeat itself. The same thing is true in the fashion industry. What was considered trendy 20 years ago could disappear and make it back to mainstream without any indication as to why. There are trends that we loved from the past, and we are left wondering why they haven’t made it back into the fashion pages. From sporty chic track jackets, to insanely glamorous caftans, these are 10 fashion trends that should make a comeback.

There are several things we loved about the 60’s, the music, the girl power, and the message of loving everyone. There are also some major fashion trends of the 60’s that we are sad haven’t made a full comeback. Take caftans for example. In the 60’s and 70’s caftans started popping up on western runways as the bohemian fashion movement started becoming popular. Caftans allow wearers to remain comfortable and fashionable at the same time. They have made a small comeback in vacation wear, but they haven’t made the leap to mainstream. They are usually beautiful and elegant, and we are willing to bet it won’t be too long until they come back into style.

Caftans aren’t the only 60’s staple that we miss. We can’t get over how amazing women look with beehive hairdos. With the rise of “Made Men” on TV, we were sure this hairstyle would make a big comeback, but sadly we were mistaken! Beehives are considered one of the most sassy and elegant hairstyles ever, but it wasn’t able to make it past the 60’s. There are several tutorials online if you wish to try your hand at rocking this do, it actually seems quite simple. Audrey Hepburn made the beehive iconic in the romantic comedy, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, and we think it’s time to play homage to Audrey by making the beehive popular again.

The 80’s were also full of fashion triumphs and fashion fails. From hair perms to scrunchies there are tons of 80’s fashion trends we wish to forget. On the other hand, there are several we wish would make a comeback, from huge doorknocker earrings, to fingerless gloves, the 80’s are giving us some fashion envy. One of are favorite trends was the rise of flip sunglasses. Dwayne Wayne made them famous from the popular TV show “A Different World”, and they soon became a staple in every fashionista’s closet. Though they have a market for people attending 80’s parties, or Halloween, flip sunglasses haven’t had their major comeback yet. The NBA’s Dwayne Wade rocked the look during an interview as a joke, and even that couldn’t get the look trending again. We wouldn’t mind seeing this fashion accessory make it onto the must have fashion pages!

The 90’s were another decade that left us with questionable trends like butterfly clips, and frosty lip-gloss, but we are willing to forgive all that if we can make some of these trends have a comeback! We would love to see mood rings and clip on suspenders make a comeback, but most of all, overalls being mainstream again would make us die happy! They are cozy, and easy to wear, and though they may not be super flattering, we love overalls. They were huge in the early 90’s, and have made a couple of appearances at various music festivals since. Mostly worn by farmers or hunters, overalls can actually be a cute look for girls! They now come in all different sizes and prints, so there is something for everyone. We have a feeling it won’t be too long until overalls make a full return, and are considered trendier than just a novelty.