10 Fashion Items You Can Wear To Appear Richer


Just because you aren’t the richest person in the world, doesn’t mean you can’t look like it! Balling on a budget is something almost everyone has to deal with, but it can be hard to look like a million bucks when you have pennies in the bank. There are simple things you can do to pump up your wardrobe and look more expensive. From rocking quality accessories, to wearing monochromatic outfits, these are 10 fashion items you can wear to appear richer.

It may sound like a no brainer, but if you want to give off the illusion of having money, you should invest in a tailor. Even if you bought a cheap shirt from the thrift store, getting it custom tailored to your body will make it look instantly more expensive. It’s good to remember the simpler the garment, the easier it is to be tailored. Usually tailoring costs $15-$20 per garment, so it can get pricey. If you can’t afford a tailor, make sure to invest in clothing items that fit you like a glove. A nice blazer and tailored trousers can really make you look sophisticated and smart.

If you aren’t into structured pieces such as tailored outfits, but still want to have that expensive look, you may want to focus on wearing darker tones. The great thing about darker hues is not only do they make you appear skinnier; they also hide imperfections in the clothes. When you have darker shades of clothes, you can easily hide the fine details that give away the quality of your outfit. This means it will be harder to see misaligned seams or tiny flaws in garments that aren’t expensive. When in doubt at an affordable clothing store, go for the darker shades, if you want to look more affluent.

A very simple way to look more expensive is to add some bold accessories. Adding a bit of metallic detail really turns your outfit up a notch. The best way to achieve this is adding gold chains to your outfit. Not only are they trendy at the moment, but a well made gold chain will make you look and feel like a million bucks. If you want to take it up another level, add small gold accessories like a gold detailed watch or gold stud earrings. You can even add fake diamond stud earrings, as long as you don’t overdo it on the size. The smaller the diamonds the harder it will be to spot the fake.

If you are handy with a needle and thread, one of the easiest ways to make a garment look more expensive is replacing the buttons. You can ditch the basic buttons on your inexpensive fashion item and swap them for something more luxurious, like mother of pearl or metal buttons. You can find buttons online, or even take them off clothes you no longer wear. If you aren’t much of a sewer, don’t worry; most dry cleaners will replace buttons for you for a small charge.

If there is one thing you should take away from this list, it is the fact that you should invest in quality shoes if you want your outfit to look well put together. The shoes make or break the outfit, and though it can cost a pretty penny, you will end up wearing them for years. A pair of quality pumps or knee-high boots can make any ensemble look instantly more expensive. It is also wise to take care of your shoes, and keep them shiny and looking good as new.

If you want to appear to have money in the bank, having a splash of color is great, but overdoing it with mix matched colors and patterns is a sure way to look cheap. Instead, try a monochromatic look by wearing the same color from head to toe. It may sound boring, but it can create the idea that your outfit is high quality. You also don’t have to be head to toe black, but it is smart to stick to neutral colors. You can wear white and khaki together, or have different shades of grey to achieve a sophisticated and expensive look.