10 Fans That Took Their Obsession Too Far


Without their fans, most celebs would be irrelevant. It’s their fans who keep them popular, purchase their concert tickets, and keep them trending on social media. But sometimes, fans can take their love and dedication for their favorite celebrities a little too far. We’ve heard some wild stories about people who did some pretty shocking things just to show their loyalty to stars, such as Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Drake, and Rihanna. If you’d like to hear about even more people who went to crazy lengths to prove their love for their favorite celebrity, make sure you watch our video: 10 Fans That Took Their Obsession Too Far.

Since Madonna has been in the music industry for decades, it’s no surprise she has a few loyal followers who have been supporting her since day one. But one man has proven he's the ultimate “Material Girl” fanatic. Then, there’s a man who finally realized his obsession with Miley Cyrus had gone too far once the singer reportedly commented on his creepy tattoos. However, those two fans have nothing on the woman who legally changed her name so she could pretend she and Justin Bieber were husband and wife!

Some mega fans are harmless, like the guy who had Kylie Jenner’s lip kit swatches tattooed on his arm. But other ones cross the line and put celebrities in danger. We’ll be showing you the people who rattled their favorite celebs, such as Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, with their odd behavior. Make sure to watch our video and let us know which of these super fans took their obsession too far!