10 Famous People Who Used To Be ESCORTS


When aspiring to be someone big in Hollywood, this person’s dreams might not come overnight. Catching a break in the entertainment industry is harder than it seems. The next big-time actor or even high-end model has to work hard in order to get that dream job. Why is it so difficult to become famous? It’s a rare opportunity to even be considered for one of these careers, so we can only imagine what it’s really like for whoever decides to move to Hollywood to make it big.

Besides on how hard it is, it doesn’t stop some folks to keep working to find that perfect gig. Actors and models do anything from waiting tables to working at Disneyland to get enough cash for food and rent. You do what it takes to live in the expensive area of Los Angeles as long as you can while looking for the job that’s best for your aspiring career. How far would you go to get your dream job? For some people, they don’t really have much limits on their boundaries.

You might be very surprised to learn that some celebrities took the highest stakes in order to move their way up on the career ladder. For some aspiring stars, giving your body in exchange for cash or fame has become the taboo topic in Hollywood. There have been a lot of rumors and allegations that some big stars have worked as pool boys, escorts, and even prostitutes to get whatever they can in order to achieve their dreams.

It’s obviously really hard to make that big break in Hollywood, but would you do the same scandalous acts as these celebs? Stars like Brad Pitt and Marilyn Monroe have done pretty questionable things years before their name would become known by the world. Whether they worked as an errand boy or just a high-end prostitute, these then regular folks did these things in order to continue on the road to fame.

Whether they aspire to be a successful actor or a world-class model, some people do almost anything to get the job they want even if it’s scandalous. While some celebrities have denied their past, other famous people have been pretty open about it. Think what you want about these stars. Whatever has happened might be in the past, but some tabloids will never let them forget it. These are ten celebrities who were escorts before becoming famous.