10 Famous People Who Killed Their Careers In Seconds


Not all celebrities can stay in the limelight forever. And while some fade off into the distance, others kill their own careers. They could be one of your favourite singers one moment, and in a flash they make a bad judgement and their entire career is varnished. It could be an actor you loved who turned out to be a terrible person, doing horrible things. Whatever it is, the media is always quick to pick up on it, and all of these actions have led to celebrity demise. These stories range from absurd to chilling, and prove that not even celebrities are perfect, no matter what they seem.

Some celebrities have tarnished their careers for things that could have been easily avoided. Their stupidity got the best of them and they paid a high price. Earlier this year rapper B.o.B tweeted about the earth being flat. After lots of backlash and even an astrophysicist telling him he was wrong, he stuck to his guns. This has made him a public laughingstock and no one can take him or his work seriously anymore. Then there is the musical couple Natalia Kills and Willy Moon. They made horrible names for themselves when they bashed a contestant on X Factor: New Zealand, of which they were both judges. They became known as the meanest judges ever, and neither has made a comeback in the music scene.

There are also terrible and traumatic things that happen in which celebrities are part of. Two of the people on this list were involved in car accidents that killed another person. They were both careless and negligent and it cost a life, as well as their careers. Two more people on this list have been accused of illegal actions including sexual assault and child pornography. The latter being former Glee star Mark Salling, who will go to trial in July. Thousands of images of under-aged girls were found on his lap top, hard drive, and a USB drive, and there’s really no coming back from something like this. He has been dropped from an upcoming miniseries and probably will never work again.

Celebrities sometimes seem untouchable, but these stories show that they are human beings, just like us. Some of their actions are unforgiveable, while others are just stupid and confusing. These 10 famous people killed their careers in seconds, and we’re not likely to see them come back to the star status they once held.