10 Famous People Who Killed Their Careers In Seconds pt. 2


When it comes to being famous someone can be an instant hit or it can take a lifetime to get to become a household name. The same can be said for losing all of that fame. A celebrity could slowly fade into pop culture history, or have the entire spotlight taken away from them as fast as it turned on. Someone who has been an inspiration to millions of people, could actually be a fraud, and someone who has an undeniable career might not hold popular social views, and just like that, careers can be ruined, and these famous people have no one to blame but themselves. These celebrity stories of fame lost range from the completely absurd to the down right troubling.

It’s shocking how many celebrities don’t hold their tongue when they know the world is watching. With the creation of social media, fans can have an eye into the lives and thoughts of their favorite celebrities, which can be amazing. Then sometimes, all this access to instant celebrity gratification can be a nightmare. When singer Cee Lo Green took to twitter after he was acquitted of sexual assault allegations, he had some very insensitive words about rape victims that spun out of control. The tweet sent his fans and twitter into a tailspin. Cee Lo isn’t the only celebrity to have a social media backlash, and we are sure he won’t be the last.

Before the popularity of social media, there were other ways for celebrities to ruin their careers by letting the world know what they think. There are things like interviews with magazines, news outlets, oh and maybe in the middle of a concert. The Dixie Chicks were a big deal in the Country music world, until one faithful night when they decided to throw it all away by not supporting President Bush in his decision to declare war with Iraq. Let it be known that president Bush had huge support from the Country music world, and that didn’t sit will with their fans, and America in general, they even had music banned from country music stations all over the US. World famous Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao was also caught with his foot in his mouth after his anti-gay statements during a TV interview for a news station in the Philippines. Though he did apologize for his words, he says he still stands behind not supporting gay marriage.

It’s not illegal for celebrities to speak their mind, and it’s nothing compared to when celebrities face actual lawful accusations. While it’s probably hard to stay out of the spotlight for famous people, it shouldn’t be so hard for them to stay out of trouble with the law. It could be something as unforgiving as using illegal substances to enhance your record-breaking legacy of a career, like Lance Armstrong, or something as sinister a drug addiction. Lamar Odom had it all, a promising NBA career, and a Kardashian sister, but that just didn’t seem to be enough for the star. He had numerous run ins with LAPD which lead to a split from Kardashian. Odom having hit rock bottom found him self in a Vegas brothel, and proved that his body couldn’t keep up with the weekend of cocaine and Viagra. He has recovered from the incident, but his public persona hasn’t been the same.

Even though it’s likely that all of these career changing moments could have been avoidable, it just goes to show that even the mightiest can hit rock bottom as quickly as it takes to form 140 characters on twitter. Will these celebrities ever be redeemed? Only time will tell!