10 Famous People Who Have Been Brutally Murdered


In light of the celebrity gossip, we are often consumed by the drama, achievements and relationships that our idols undergo on a daily basis. However, there comes a time in our lives where we set foot into a new, and unexpected territory - that is, hearing the news about their death. Taking away the fame and glamour, the situations that have led to the end of each of these people’s lives leave room for discomfort, pain and confusion for us all; especially their loved ones.

This article pertains detailed information about the murders for celebrities from the past and present. These unexpected circumstances have provoked further investigations on deaths that leave us to wonder, “What actually happened?”. Naturally, there is pain to be felt at the loss of our favorite musicians, actors and or actresses throughout our lifetime. One moment, we are keeping track of their upcoming achievements - and the next, they’re gone.

However, much of these entries focus on those who are associated with these people’s murderers. It turns out there is in fact, a fine line between being a fan and being a stalker. What started out as an obsession for most of these fans, resulted into becoming people that they perhaps never thought they would become. As time went on, the time spent committed into writing letters, building shrines, daydreams and plots to win them over have led to terrifying results. Even more shocking, there were fans who have undergone severe physical changes in hopes that their idols would fall in love with them. Here lies the extreme situations in society, that put our values in question. We have lost many of our favorite entertainers throughout time, due to these heartbreaking tales.

The shocking details continue, as the truth about why many others died, have also been because of those within their inner circle. Who knew that fame, could turn even the kindest of people into murderers? Or if not fame - even family members have taken the time, to ruin their bonds by ending the life of their children, wives and so many other forms of relationships that caused grief. Even more so we wonder, how could you take away the life of a love one?

Then there are deaths that have caused bewilderment, allowing for us to respectfully ponder on how and why these situations have occurred. Theories have been implicated that two murders within this article, are correlated to the other - as these two beloved figured have died only months’ apart. How strange is it to know, that two of these rap artists who we still admire today, may have died for the same reason.

The assumptions transpire for the fear of thinking, who is next? It causes much anxiety, desperation and paranoia for the times that we’ve lost many people in our lives, to violent situations. When we look deep into every entry, naturally we dwell on what are the causes that have evoked such anger for these individuals, not on the surface level but what is deeply rooted into their psychological state.

The lack of morality, in conjunction with their reactions have push these murderers to their limit; while they were in a frame of mind, assuming that their actions were justified, and translated into brutality. This is something that we simply cannot understand, nor choose to in hindsight. At the end of the day, we are not only paying respects to the people we look up to. We are also recognizing their lives as daughters, sons, wives, husbands, fathers or mothers. The list goes on, as suddenly what we see on the screen becomes very real, when we realize that these people are no longer with us for awful reasons.

Furthermore, in search of analyzing what is it about the human state that causes such wrath - we must take the time to recall how much we should cherish one another. The fact that these situations are occurring should bring us together, and think about each of our nations to decide how can we cope, or move forward with these recurring nightmares. Whether we need to come to terms with our political and social values; let it be that these artists are a reminder that we need to put forth a solution, of identifying the problems, and not just accepting what had happened but also learn from it.

As an hommage, we remember these talented faces, and do our best to grieve throughout the estranged results of lives. So many of them were still young, and had the potential to move forward within their career. We ask ourselves, why does this happen to the greater good of humanity? In life, we are never sure of when it truly will be our last day; but we hope to leave a legacy behind in the making. Certainly, this is what many of these mentioned artists have accomplished.