10 Famous People Who Are Bad Role Models


A star is a star in the eyes of the world, no matter what despicable and downright atrocious antics they may partake in. Media and the stars that grace it have always been a source of role models for the world, an no one is more easily influenced than children. Thus forms the new-age dilemma: in the modern world ruled so heavily by technology and media influence, how could we ever expect our children to grow up right? Parents just don’t stand a chance! Nothing is more important for a developing child than to have a steady role model, and somehow our children are being taught to believe that stars like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are the answer. Not only is this just odd, but it is sure to be detrimental for future generations. Do we really want to live in a world where sex sells, violence is cool, and horrid deeds go unpunished?

Somehow, Hollywood icons are being given way too much leigh way. No one in their right mind can keep up with the breaking headlines of stars doing the craziest, most unimaginable and reckless deeds. But why would celebrities stop? Any publicity is good publicity these days, as long as the camera crew is there when you go on a drunk driving spree or show up basically naked to the VMAs. Really, they just get rewarded with more fame and tabloid attention. Being famous really has put many celebrities above the law, especially when their sumptuous salaries allow them to pay off whoever might have a problem with their stunts. Social media only exacerbates the big issue: stars are receiving praise for alcoholism, drug use, and even violence and sexism against women. Society has definitely become questionable when we can so easily forgive these familiar faces for actions that would put any other average person behind bars or the shadows of shame.

Stars of today are being placed on a pedestal for all the wrong reasons, and fans simply keep exalting them as if they were royalty. Queen Bey, for instance? Yeah, because every girl really needs their music to tell them to please men no matter how much they degrade you. Music used to be sacred. Movies used to be artistic. Morally upright behavior used to be more important than Lamborghinis on deck. These days, if you make a generic song with a catchy beat to dance to or take off your clothes on camera, you could basically get away with murder. Honestly, it is all just scary if you ask me. What exactly is happening in Hollywood that turns people into such monsters? Honestly, we can’t help but feel bad for child stars, life must be increasingly difficult for them. At least they have had time to claim that their behavior was a phase of growing pains and confusion while they start to get a good head on their shoulders. Sadly, however, not many are as level-headed as Demi Lovato.

What happened to morals? Selecting role models based on good judgement and admirable behavior? Is it too much to ask for a little modesty? Apparently, it is according to Hollywood these days. The time has come for people to speak up about these actions, and let the world know it simply isn’t acceptable to have our children exposed to such a lifestyle, for their sake. Or else, the day may come when society is (further) ruled by a new set of Hollywood-based rules. Find out what the world has really become when you discover just why these ten famous people are the worst role models.