10 Famous People Who Actually Married Their Fans


We’ve all been there before – crushing on a certain celeb and daydreaming that one day they’ll be ours forever. It’s typical for celebrities to marry other celebrities, so all that wishful thinking may seem like a waste; until you realize that some stars actually ended up marrying their biggest fans.

Celebrities have fans by the millions, and while they’re oft seen trying to escape crazed autograph-chasers, these fans turned out to be exceptions. Nothing short of fairytale endings, these love stories seem almost too good to be true. What are the chances that your celeb crush would come into your salon for a haircut? Or hand you his number when you asked for an autograph? These were regular folks’ “pinch me” moments that turned into ‘I dos’. Good timing and instant chemistry were both at play for these couples, and all of them have gone on to live their happily ever afters – most of them with little ones by their side.

These couples prove that your celebrity crush doesn’t have to stay a crush forever. From Matt Damon to Anne Hathaway, today’s video looks at ten celebrities who married their adoring fans.