10 Famous People The Media Wrongly Declared Dead


Celebrities fall victim to lots of false stories, but the weirdest of all has to be the fake death report. A death hoax is pretty macabre, and must be a big shock to the person at the centre of it all, not to mention their friends and families. But many famous people who’ve had death hoaxes take it in good humor. Heck, they even take to social media to make a joke out if it. But then there are also those celebrities whose deaths were accidentally reported early, and tragically went on to die soon after the false report. Take a look at the stories of 10 famous people who were wrongly declared dead.

The Internet has spawned more fake stories about celebrities dying than any media format before it. But that’s not to say it didn’t happen in the olden days. American novelist Mark Twain was wrongly declared dead, and his response was one of the greatest one-liners of all time. And the “Paul Is Dead” conspiracy theory about Paul McCartney gained prominence way before the World Wide Web came along. The Beatles singer was the victim of one of the most full-on false accusations of death there’s ever been.

But of course, the Internet and social media have played a huge part in death hoaxes reaching millions of people in mere minutes. The great thing about the online world, however, is that famous people can shoot down false rumors about themselves quickly and personally. They can come up with some pretty hilarious responses too, that prove their great sense of humor. Bon Jovi’s death reports and Macaulay Culkin’s death hoax were both dealt with in a funny way by the stars themselves on Facebook and Instagram. And Axl Rose’s death hoax plus Alice Cooper’s fake death story became amusing after the rockers both responded with witty Twitter one-liners. Famous people’s famous partners can refute the rumors on social media too – just ask Amber Rose and Kanye West.

There are also incorrect reports of famous people’s deaths that are released by accident, rather than as a prank. These are very embarrassing for the news outlets that mistakenly publish obituaries and reports of celebrities dying before the event has actually occurred. Both Steve Jobs and Kurt Cobain fell victim to these experiences. Tragically, Cobain really did die just a month after the incorrect news story, and Jobs did lose his life three years after his obituary was accidentally published.

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