10 Famous People Hit By The Reality Television Curse


Reality television is just another form of entertainment for most of us, but the celebrities of these shows are living out their real lives in front of the cameras. Drama, drug and alcohol addiction, cheating and divorce are common themes that lead many to believe that reality television is cursed. And these 10 celebrities are proof that appearing on reality t.v. can sometimes have dire consequences.

The Real Housewives franchise started off as a way for viewers to take a peek inside the lives of some of America’s most affluent families. The wives of the series spent most of their time running their households, starting businesses, spending thousands of dollars at the mall, and going on exotic locations. But this reality show has been cursed since the very first season hit the air. Many of the couples have filed for divorce, and sadly, some of the co-stars have died just shortly after appearing on the show.

Russell Armstrong, the husband of cast member Taylor, was the quiet and shy financial investor who fell victim to the reality t.v. curse. After Taylor filed for divorce, she made claims that Russell had abused her during their marriage. She even allegedly had to have a titanium implant placed in her eye following an altercation with him. But Russell didn’t live long enough to refute these claims. He was found hanging by an extension cord from the wooden beam of his Mulholland Drive home.

Ashley “A.J.” Jewell is another Real Housewives cast member who met his untimely fate. A.J. got engaged to Kandi Burruss just four months after she made her first appearance on Real Housewives of Atlanta. The couple eventually ended their engagement, but they still kept in contact. In October 2009, after a night an Atlanta strip club, A.J. got into a parking lot brawl and was killed after sustaining injuries to his head.

But death isn’t the only outcome of the reality t.v. curse. Divorce seems to be a common theme amongst reality television stars. For example, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson seemed like the perfect all-American couple. The two were young, in love, smoking hot, and two of the music industry’s hottest singers. But when they put their love on display on their MTV reality show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, the pressures of being in front of the camera proved to be too much. Rumors of infidelities began to hit gossip magazines, and by 2005, they were headed to splitsville.

David Foster made it on our list twice, and I guess he still hasn’t received the memo that the curse of reality t.v. will ruin his life. The songwriter appeared on FOX’s The Princes of Malibu with his third wife, Linda Thompson, and she shortly divorced him due to claims that he didn’t like the way she spoiled her son, Brody Jenner. Years later, David co-starred on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with his fourth wife, Yolanda Hadid. When Yolanda was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, her illness caused strife in their marriage, and David pulled the plug on their relationship at the end of 2015.

Reality television is a gift and a curse. Although the shows and their stars are highly entertaining, the cost of fame, and that darn reality t.v. curse, doesn’t really seem worth it in the end.