10 Famous People Fired From Their Jobs


Celebrities often seem as if they have their lives together more than we ever will. It’s easy to feel envious of their lavish lifestyles, perfect hair, and their luxury vacations. But you can take comfort in the fact that they go through a lot of the same human experiences that we do in the road to stardom. Being fired is something we all hate, and it can be one of our greatest fears. But these success stories will show that it doesn’t have to spell disaster. It can even be the extra push you need to get out there and pursue your true passions in life without worrying about clocking in daily to a job you can’t stand. Of course, not being able to pay the bills is pretty stressful as well, so we recommend finding a healthy balance between following your dreams and making sure your rent check doesn’t bounce.

Find out which famous author once bumped heads with Robert Frost, and ended up getting fired for it. Madonna is known for pushing the envelope, but she’s less well known for the time she squirted a Dunkin Donuts customer with jelly. We don’t know where Apple would be without him, but at one point even the legendary Steve Jobs was once jobless. Jerry Seinfeld is so iconic he starred in a sitcom named after himself, but few remember his few appearances on an earlier sitcom. Bill O’Reilly made headlines recently for being fired from Fox News, but celebrities have been getting fired long before that.