10 Famous People Caught Naked By The Paparazzi


When you’re in the spotlight, getting your picture taken is a normal part of life. It definitely comes with the territory, but there’s a fine line when it comes to the types of pictures that paparazzi capture. Sometimes, these photographers can take things too far when they invade the privacy of celebs. Many famous people have been caught in compromising positions, and some while fully nude. Although we don’t agree with their privacy being invaded, we can’t help but to take a peek at naked photos of these 10 famous people.

For some celebrities, hanging out in their hotel rooms have turned into prime opportunities for paparazzi to get their money shots. Just recently, Rihanna was vacationing in her native Barbados when she decided to do a quick outfit change in front of her opened balcony door. The results? A fully nude photoshoot that was blasted across media outlets.

And then there was Zac Efron who was enjoying a quiet vacation when photographers snapped his bare butt while he casually walked around his balcony. Natalie Portman is another unsuspecting celeb who was caught sans clothes while enjoying some time away from the limelight. Back in 2000, the actress was tanning on a topless beach in St. Bart’s when paparazzi took photos of her without her knowledge and leaked them to the press.

Cameron Diaz has been spotted numerous times without her bikini top, and Cindy Crawford is definitely one celeb who has an affinity for showing her bare breast while on vacation. Catherine Zeta-Jones is another celeb who has been caught numerous times with her girls on full display, but it was during a vacation in Miami that the actress was slammed by the media for smoking a cigarette while topless…and pregnant!

We couldn’t make this list without Miley Cyrus. The wholesome Disney star-turned-attention seeker was the least shy out of all the famous people on our list. The actress and singer spent the day at the beach with her former boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger, and she really gave the paparazzi what they were looking for when she suddenly removed her bikini top and began frolicking in the ocean topless. Cyrus is a strong supporter of the #FreetheNipple movement, so we can’t say we’re surprised that she had no qualms with baring it all for the cameras.

You would think that these celebrities would have learned their lesson the first time around, but many of the famous people on our list are repeat offenders. It really leads us to believe that they don’t have a problem showing off their bodies, and we have to give them some respect for being comfortable in their own skin!

When celebrities are caught showing some skin, we just can’t look away. We’ve all become so intrigued by these photos, but we tend to forget that celebs are real people who deserve their privacy, too. Does that mean we’ll turn away the next time a nude celebrity photo is leaked? Not a chance!