10 Famous Kids Who Grew Up Too Fast


What is young must eventually grow up. But when you’re a Hollywood child star, you might have to grow up a bit faster than normal. Or, at least look older. It seems wrong, but once you’ve made it big in the entertainment business, it seems you become a little grown up. Often, this means that we notice much too late when a child star grows up faster than usual. That’s why when a time passes by just a few years, we are absolutely shocked by what we see. At the end of the day, child stars are products. Major production companies like Nickelodeon and Disney use these child stars as the face of the company. They’re on merchandise, and you might even see an action figure version! So, when producers are telling a child star to “grow up”, they will definitely do the job! In fact, they might even ask, “By how many years?” Crazy to think about, right?