10 Famous Kids Dissed By Their Parents


Just because someone is famous, it doesn’t mean that life is absolutely perfect. In fact, sometimes family drama can be even worse when you add in the dynamic of fame and fortune. But when you have a fight in your family, it usually stays within the walls of your home and no one else finds out about it. When you’re a celebrity, your family business is often aired to the public thanks to the paparazzi. Or, if things go awry with your family, and you’re a public figure, it isn’t uncommon for the spurned family member to put all of your business out there to the public. When you’re the child of a celebrity, getting insulted by your parent can be a tough blow to handle considering it becomes a very public affair. Yeah, it might sting more, and that only means that the fallout becomes even more permanent. It’s hard to go back on your word after you’ve disowned a family member!