10 Famous Good Girls Who Aren't As Sweet As You Think


It’s no surprise that many of our favorite Hollywood celebrities aren’t as sweet as they seem. Many famous people have to put on an act in front of cameras to be appear to be kind, sweet and lovable. But over time, the act wears off, and these celebrities are exposed for being rude, bratty and difficult to work with. We have now come to realize that many famous people aren’t as sweet as they appear.

Reese Witherspoon is one Hollywood actress who had perfected the sweetheart role. As the lovable Elle Woods in the “Legally Blonde” franchise, Reese captured our hearts, but her nice girl image came to a screeching halt after an incident that occurred in 2013. Video was released of Reese getting mouthy with an officer after her husband was arrested for DUI. After multiple requests from the officer for Reese to remain in the vehicle, she took it upon herself to confront the arresting officer, telling him she was an “American citizen” who had the right to stand on “American soil.” Reese was then handcuffed and charged with disorderly conduct. She later blamed the incident on “too many glasses of wine,” but we’re convinced that Reese’s behavior was her way of showing us her true colors.

Another video caught yet another Hollywood star completely ruining her good girl image. Ariana Grande has long been accused of being a diva and difficult to work with in the industry, but after security footage in a donut shop caught her licking donuts that she didn’t buy, the world was convinced that she’s nothing but a brat! Ariana was also caught on film saying she “hates America,” she has been known to make her fans cry, and her life coach even walked out on her because he simply couldn’t deal with her bad attitude any longer. Ariana’s sweetheart act is definitely over, and we all see her for who she truly is.

One good girl actress who we were shocked to hear was putting on a front is Zooey Deschanel. She’s definitely cute, a little bit quirky, and extremely dorky - but that’s why fans initially fell in love with her. But over time, Zooey’s image has been tarnished due to her antics on set. During filming of her show, “New Girl,” Zooey is allegedly so rude that “no one can stand her.” She complains about every little thing, from the temperature of the food on set to her fellow co-stars. Insiders claim Zooey’s moody behavior and outlandish demands make her an absolute terror to work with.

Maybe some of these celebrities were just caught on a bad day, but when we hear rumors about our favorite stars being anything but nice behind closed doors, it really makes us look at them differently. We know that no one is perfect, so we want to give them the benefit of the doubt. But after various gossip reports are released highlighting their bad attitudes, we can’t help but to believe that all of the rumors are true.