10 Famous Families With Huge Secrets


Just because you’re from a family that has fame and fortune, doesn’t necessarily mean everything is rosy. In fact, in many cases, it’s just the opposite. Families who are in the spotlight often have huge secrets that don’t surface for years. It may shock and surprise you to hear that some of the most glamorous families and individuals don’t have the nicest pasts or presents. Whether it was a sexual molestation scandal, a sibling rivalry that ended in the worst way, or a teenager who watched her mother shoot her father, these are the biggest secrets of Hollywood’s most famous families.

Charlize Theron doesn’t often talk about her traumatic childhood, but when she was just 15 years old, she witnessed something that not many kids have to. One day, when her abusive, alcoholic father was threatening her and her mom, her mother shot him fatally in self defense. The always-smiling blond beauty shows no signs of trauma to the public eye, but that kind of thing has to stay with you forever.

The Duggar family, made famous by their show “19 Kids and Counting” was hiding dark secrets while they looked all happy and God-praising on TV. In 2015, it was revealed that one of the son’s, Josh Duggar, had sexually molested five young girls, two of which included his sisters. He was also caught on the adultery site, “Ashley Madison”. Even after all this, his wife, Anna, has stayed by his side. Jep Robertson of “Duck’s Dynasty” had his own traumatizing experience with sexual molestation, when he was abused by a girl on the school bus when he was just six-years-old. He outed the abuse in his tell-all book, co-written by his wife Jessica.

Julia Roberts may be known as one of America’s favorite sweethearts, but her family was doused

in scandal when her half-sister, Nancy Motes committed suicide and put blame on her siblings for sending her into a deep depression. She colored Julia as a villain and her fans were surprised to say the least. And you’ll never guess what Jack Nicholson found out about his family. Let’s just say his sister wasn’t who he thought she was, and she passed away before he could ever get the whole story.

In a time of such advanced technology and social media platforms that make everyone think they have to share every aspect of their lives, it’s no surprise these secrets came to light. Today were looking at 10 famous families with huge secrets. Let’s go!