10 Famous Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Hot


Child stars are quite vital in the entertainment industry. Without them, a certain perspective on a TV show or movie would be lost. Child stars like Shirley Temple and Daniel Radcliffe has made quite the influence in pop culture history. These talented children know how to bring charm and cuteness while showing us that talent comes at any age.

No matter how cute, happy and adorable they seem on screen, some child stars tend to live a different life than others. Fame can sometimes be a dangerous thing and at a young age, it might be difficult for a child to grasp on how the media and Hollywood scene work.

That’s why these child actors and actresses tend to have a difficult childhood sometimes. We all saw what has happened to young stars like Lindsay Lohan and Jodie Sweetin. Fame isn’t easy, so that’s why we are bit surprised to see how much can change when these children eventually grow up.

Some kids leave acting to live normal lives and others continue to thrive as a successful actor or actress today. There are even times that their looks have changed so much after puberty that they are completely unrecognizable! See how much these 10 famous child stars look all grown up whether it’s good or bad.