10 Famous Actors Who Got Drunk For Their Movies


Having sex in real life can be a pretty intimidating experience. So just imagine how daunting it would be to have sex in front of a camera in a room full of strangers. Most people would feel totally awkward knowing that the footage will be seen by millions of people across the world. So it’s no surprise that plenty of actors got drunk for their sex scenes. A little liquid confidence can go a long way.

There are lots of reasons why actors and actresses drink alcohol on set. The thought of getting totally naked and simulating sex with another actor is enough to make anyone freeze with nerves. To loosen up a little, a shot of vodka, tequila or a glass of champagne can help. Jennifer Lawrence got drunk on set with Chris Pratt because she felt so guilty having sex with a married man. Note to J.Law – acting isn’t real. Chris Pratt drank alcohol on set to help J.Law feel more comfortable. That’s got to be one of the most adorable motivations for drinking wine, ever.

What can make the whole sex scene experience even more nerve-wracking is when it involves the kind of sexual acts the actors aren’t used to. Like lesbian sex scenes in movies. British actresses Gemma Atkinson and Jaime Winstone had only just met when they were due to shoot their lesbian sex scene for Boogie Woogie. The director brought a bottle of vodka in to help calm their nerves. The director of Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky said a bottle of tequila was brought in to reduce the awkwardness of Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis’ lesbian sex scene (although Mila has other ideas about what really went on).

Throw in two other costars and you can see why threesomes in movies can make actors doubly nervous. That was the case for Neve Campbell, Denise Richards and Matt Dillon when it came to shooting their threesome sex scene for movie Wild Things. No wonder they got a little bit drunk on tequila in preparation. The same goes for performing unusual sex acts on camera that you’re not used to doing in the privacy of your own home. Keira Knightley’s spanking scene in A Dangerous Method drove her to drink vodka beforehand and champagne afterward.

Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Lizzy Caplan and Nicholas Hoult have also dished about their drunken sex scenes. Watch our video on 10 actors who got drunk for their sex scenes to discover why they hit the booze, and the funny consequences that can happen when you get wasted at work.