10 Famous Actors Who Actually Did It On Screen


An actor’s primary job is to convince audiences that everything they see on screen is authentic. A good actor does not pretend to be a character going through scripted actions, they become the person and exist naturally. When it comes to sex scenes the question of reality and simulation may cause viewer to ask, “Are they really doing it?” Here are 10 Famous Actors who Actually Did It on screen.

Chloe Sevigny, The Brown Bunny

Writer/Director Vincent Gallo is a controversial filmmaker who tends to take advantage of his position. His first film Buffalo 66 featured Christina Ricci in one of her first scantily clad and seductive roles after evolving from child to adult actor. However, it was 2003’s The Brown Bunny in which actress Chloe Sevigny enacts fellatio on Gallo that really had people talking. The excruciatingly awkward four minute scene was fine for Sevigny as she stated she had an intimate relationship to Gallo prior to filming.  It was an unprecedented move considering Sevigny was becoming a major player of the indie film scene before The Brown Bunny. Legendary film critic Roger Ebert complained about the film not because of the salacious scene but because of its banality. Sevigny’s career did not suffer and she has since become an even bigger star with choice film and television roles.

Robert Pattinson, Little Ashes

Robert Pattinson is best known to audiences as the sparkly vampire, Edward, from the Twilight film franchise. When he isn’t playing the object of a lip-biting teenager’s affection, the actor likes to branch out to small films like Little Ashes. Little Ashes is a 2008 drama about the life of artist Salvador Dali. For a sex scene in the film, Pattinson decided to pleasure himself on camera to have a realistic reaction. He later regretted the scene claiming it was such an embarrassing moment in his career that he almost quit acting. He persevered and continued working in spite of publicly displaying the personal moment.

Donald Sutherland with Julie Christie, Don’t Look Now

Don’t Look Now is a creepy 1973 thriller which stars Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. The film has a vibe similar to Rosemary’s Baby and tells the story of a couple who travel to Italy after losing their daughter. Soon they meet two women who claim that their daughter is alive causing chilling events to unravel. Don’t Look Now has a memorable sex scene between the two stars that was so convincing many questioned if the two were engaging in an unsimulated act. A movie producer who was on set while they were shooting the scene claimed that the scene was not the work of movie magic but rather a genuine act between Sutherland and Christie. Sutherland denied it years later but the film’s director and star Christie have decided to remain tight lipped on the matter.

Halle Berry with Billy Bob Thornton Monster's Ball

The 2001 romantic drama Monster’s Ball spills over with tremendous performances including Billy Bob Thornton, Heath Ledger and Halle Berry who earned an Academy Award for her gritty role. Thornton plays a former prison guard and Berry a widowed woman who recently lost her son in a tragic accident. The entire film is one bummer after another which culminates in a sexual encounter between Thornton and Berry after drowning their sorrows with alcohol. There was much speculation concerning the authenticity of the scene. Berry’s and Thornton’s comments to the press regarding their mutual attraction may have been what sparked speculation. The two stars did not deny whether the scene was real but did emphasize the steaminess of filming it. Whether the heated scene was just another reason Berry deserved Oscar gold, or it was legitimate sex between the two, is still unknown.