10 Extremely BIZARRE Phobias People Actually Have


We all have to face our fears at some point in our lives, whether it be a fear of spiders, a fear of dying, or a fear of heights. These are a few of the most common fears, but there a bunch of phobias out there that are pretty bizarre. Those who suffer from these strange phobias experience sweating, anxiety and panic attacks. It’s a terrible way to live, especially if the phobia is of something that they must come in contact with on a daily basis.

These phobias cause massive turmoil, distress and crippling fear for its sufferers. While doctors are still investigating and doing research on these phobias, there isn’t much the sufferers can do in the meantime. Many choose to stay indoors and isolate themselves from the world just so they don’t have to deal with their fears and the affects of coming in contact with their phobia.

Sometimes, the fear is right there on the body, and you can’t even escape it if you tried. Your belly button is a body part that you probably don’t pay too much attention to, but for those who suffer from Omphalophobia, just the thought of touching or seeing a navel is frightful. Whether it be their own belly button or a stranger’s, they become disgusted and absolutely terrified. One of the most famous sufferers of Omphalophobia is Khloe Kardashian. In December 2015, she tweeted about her phobia of belly buttons, saying she gets grossed out when she touches hers, and she screams every time she has to clean it.

People with Genuphobia are forced to wear pants and long skirts constantly because they have an irrational fear of their own knees. You’re probably laughing uncontrollably right now, but Genuphobia is no laughing matter to the people who suffer from it. While some are afraid of their own knees, others are afraid of seeing any uncovered knees while out in public. Extreme cases of Genuphobia even make it hard for sufferers to watch movies that show bare knees, and some people take this fear a step further by having an intense and irrational fear of kneeling down. Can you imagine being afraid of your own knees? Yeah, neither can we.

If you suffer from Turophobia, you definitely won’t be asking for extra cheese on your pizza. Those who deal with this debilitating fear absolutely detest the gooey appearance and the “cheesy taste” of cheese. They find it difficult to even go near a block of cheese, and they may break out in a sweat upon the sight of it. For extreme cases of Turophobia, sufferers can’t even hear the word “cheese” without completely freaking out.

One of the most complex fears is Papaphobia - the fear of the Pope. This phobia is usually triggered by a traumatic event that occurs during childhood, and it causes sufferers to fear anything that is related to the Pope or papacy. Those who have admitted to suffering from Papaphobia immediately break out in sweats and become breathless and dizzy upon laying eyes on the Pope.

One of the most irrational fears comes from a group of people in the world who have an intense fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of their mouth. The fear is so frightening, it causes them to have anxiety attacks at the thought of the sticky food adhering itself inside their mouth. Arachibutyrophobia stems from the fear of choking from the peanut butter, and those who suffer from this phobia get grossed out when they even think about feeling the creamy texture of this food.