10 Extinct Human Species That Are Still A Mystery


Where do we come from and why are here? We may not have all the questions to these answers, but the further we get away from our origins the more we’re able to look backward and put our past into perspective. Millions of factors coalesced to make Homo Sapiens the dominant species on Earth today and any slight variation in the story of our existence could have changed everything we know and love about our modern times. While all the pieces of the puzzle of our existence have yet to be revealed, we have a clearer picture than ever before of the fellow life forms who joined Homo Sapiens on the journey from caveman to modern man.

TheHub is down on the ground and furiously digging so roll up your sleeves and join us as we excavate these 10 Extinct Human Species That Are Still A Mystery. They may not be alive today, but by collaborating, mating, and warring with our ancestors, they made us into the humans we are today. So let’s look back at our inheritance and attempt to understand the time in which these early bipedal creatures lived. Sifting through the sediments, we’ll find absolutely alien beings like the Denisovans, the Boskops, and the Starchildren. There’s familiar faces like the stereotypical cavemen, otherwise known as Neanderthals. We’ll get on a comfortable first-name basis with Lucy and follow the adventures of Nutcracker Man and Turkana Boy. Finally, we’ll get more scientific in our introductions to Australopithecine animals and a Homo Floresiensis thrown in for good measure.