10 Expensive Beauty Treatments That Are Overrated


The 10 most ridiculously expensive beauty treatments prove that some people will do anything in their pursuit of perfection. When you’re talking about an Evian bath that costs thousands of dollars, you can understand why these beauty treatments are considered overrated. Even if Serena Williams tests the water first. There are plenty more of them, too.

While it’s difficult to understand how plain old water could be worth a lot of money, it’s more acceptable that precious stones would fetch a high price. But even so, does anyone really need to spend thousands on a diamond and ruby facial? It seems Mila Kunis does. In fact, if you put the word “diamond” in the title, you can charge a whole lot more across the board, like the diamond manicure that cost a cool million. Kelly Osbourne knows all about that. And then, there are gemstone massages. Get a few more massage therapists involved, like with the 20-hands massage, and you can expect to pay an even higher price.

Some overrated, expensive beauty treatments are even more alarming because of their unusual ingredients. Ever heard of a caviar facial? How about a placenta facial? You can ask Jennifer Lopez what that’s like. As for the Vampire Facelift, you only need to take one look at Kim Kardashian undergoing the procedure to be put off for life. When it comes to those Victoria’s Secret models’ beauty secret, we’ve got three words for you: gold face masks.

Watch our video to discover 10 expensive beauty treatments that are overrated, and tell us in comments which one you would most (or least) like to try!