10 Everything Wrong With The Loud House


“The Loud House” has an impressive viewership of 2 million children aged from 2 to 11 years old. The story follows the 11-year-old Lincoln Loud and his life in the large family with 10 strong-minded sisters with unique personalities. “The Loud House” might seem like a regular Nickelodeon show, but wait until you hear all about the inappropriate episodes, character stereotypes, and the real reason why Chris Savino, the creator of the show, no longer works for “The Loud House.”

Chris Savino got fired from his own show due to his inappropriate behavior toward several women over the course of a couple of years during his career. The women came forward in the midst of 2017 allegations and Nickelodeon took the reports very seriously. Chris Savino was first suspended and then fired from working on “The Loud House.”

If we’re talking about everything wrong with “The Loud House,” we also have to talk about the family dynamics. It seems like the 11-year-old Lincoln Loud is the person that takes care of all kids and it doesn’t even matter that he’s the middle child. Most of the work falls on poor Lincoln!

One of the most inappropriate moments on the show happened in the episode “Space Invader.” It was so bad, the UK version of the same episode had to delete some of the scenes to make it just a little bit more appropriate for its viewers.

Do you like “The Loud House”? Watch our video to hear everything wrong with “The Loud House,” including Chris Savino, the character stereotypes, Lincoln Loud, the storyline, and much more.