10 Everyday Things We'll Be Doing Differently In The Future


When we think of the future, many of us picture friendly, humanoid robots taking over the tasks we find less than desireable to do ourselves. And while we can’t promise that they’ll look like us, it’s only a matter of time before automation completely changes the job market. What jobs have the longevity to make it through this change, and which ones are likely to be almost completely done by robots? We’ll give you a glimpse into how this is likely to play out in the future. We’ll also tell you about some amazing inventions that are currently in the pipeline. Some of us may feel guilty for eating meat, or be grossed out by the polluted water much of our seafood comes from. Fortunately, scientists are working to perfect lab grown seafood, although maybe we should be calling it lab food! We’ll tell you about how self-driving buses might be the ideal way to streamline city travel in the future, whereas supersonic airplanes will soon be the only way to fly. Imagine getting to your destination in less than half the time it takes now! 3D printing technology has been around for a while, but it’s improving every day. Soon, we’ll be able to print useable organs, bones, and cartilage. And while this is happening, a computer algorithm will be able to tell us our risks of future health problems, so we can better prepare. By combining our current brains with emerging technology, we may be able to enhance the music we listen to, and our online experiences.