10 Epic Kids Birthday Party Ideas


There is more than one celebrate your birthday. But what happens when kids get together with their parents to throw epic birthday parties? Mind blowing, unforgettable fun! This list will definitely help you elevate your party game. These are not your typical backyard parties with a handful of balloons and a scary clown. These parties are incredible!

We found a Harry Potter themed birthday that was magical. There was a party under the stars that sparkled. A colorful neon dance party made one kid’s entire year. There was even an Amazing Race themed birthday party, where the kids had to run from challenge to challenge to win the race. There was a carnival party, a backyard camping party, and a Nancy Drew Mystery Party that looked like so much fun! We loved the Incredibles and Minecraft party ideas. But our favorite has to be number one. Here are 10 EPIC Kids Birthday Party Ideas.