10 Emojis You've Been Using Wrong


It seems like emojis are the perfect way to express your self no matter what your language or cultural background. It’s a universal language that brings the world together, one smiley face at a time. The problem is, some of our favorite emojis aren’t exactly saying what we think they are saying. From showing sympathy, to warding off evil spirits, we have been getting these popular emojis all messed up. These are 10 emojis you’ve been using wrong!

Trying to show a girlfriend how close you are can be easily achieved by sending her dancing twin emoji. This is a great way to show your friend that you are BFF’s and #twinning. Though your excitement for this emoji isn’t misplaced, this is actually the symbol for “dancing bunny girls”. The bunny girl in Japan is a symbol for sex appeal, much like the playboy bunny symbol in Western culture. The bunny ears are a worn to show happiness or excitement. This means that the girls are actually happy sexy bunny girls dancing, which could still be a way to call someone your BFF, depending on your friends!

Another emoji that is a hit amongst female users is the sassy girl in the pink shirt. Many people use this emoji to show sarcasm or a little bit of attitude. Sadly, this emoji isn’t nearly as exciting as we wished she was, in fact, she’s a little basic. This is actually supposed to represent a happy information desk woman. We aren’t sure in what world we would ever have to send this to a friend, but we are sure there is a reason Unicode, the makers of emojis, had to add her to the mix.

There are several ways to show someone you are tired via emojis, but there are two you probably didn’t realize are just as effective as the obvious ones. There is surprisingly a yawn emoji, and once you see it, you won’t be able to unsee it! The yawn emoji is most commonly misused to signify when someone is whining, or about the throw a fit. The other sleepy emoji is the one that looks like a tear is falling down the emoji’s face. The tear is really supposed to be a snot bubble. In Japanese anime culture, the snot bubble is commonly used to show when someone is asleep.

Probably everyone’s favorite and the most confusing emoji is the smiling pile of poop. Why on earth would the developers at Unicode add a happy little poop stack? It wasn’t a way to show people they are being stinkers, it’s is a way to wish your friends good luck! In Japan the word for poop is very similar to the word for luck. It’s common in their culture to have golden poop charms as a token of good luck, as is having candies that look like smiling piles of poop. Yummy.

Many people who are welcoming little ones into the world often tell their friends by using the emoji that looks like a little hospital with a heart above it. This seems like the perfect way to show everyone the new love that is coming into his or her life. Unfortunately, this emoji means something completely different. In Japan, this emoji is used to signify a love hotel. If you are confused about what a love hotel might be, let’s just say that you can pay for this hotel by the hour, and not by the nights stayed. It’s best to just let friends know you’re at the hospital, and just steer clear of this emoji all together.

It’s not always easy to share our emotions digitally, but using emojis has made it easier than ever. Just make sure you know exactly what those emojis mean before you hit the send button.