10 Effects Coca Cola Has On Your Body


Medical professionals have been warning us about the effects of Coca Cola and soft drink consumption for years. That doesn’t seem to sway people from their sugary habit though. With a nation headed face first into obesity, it’s scary to see what the effects Coca Cola is having on our bodies. These are 10 things that happen to your body when you drink Coca Cola.

It’s never a good idea to drink large amounts of sugary drinks like juice, and sports drinks. It’s even worse when the sugary drink is Coca Cola. The sugar and acid from Coca Cola can have a serious affect on your dental health. One actress from the UK knows the consequences of too much Coca Cola all too well. Kierston Warying is a 38-year-old actress from Britain who ignored medical and dental professionals after they told her to kick her 2.5-liter a day Coca Cola habit. A year later, after constantly waking up with oral pains, she had to get 5 of her teeth surgically removed. This isn’t uncommon; the acidity from the Cola can wear away at the teeth’s enamel, which helps to protect the tooth from cavities and plaque build up.

Not only is Coca Cola bad for your teeth, but also it can be bad for the rest of your body. It’s a well-known fact that sugar can cause someone to gain weight, and 1 can of Coca Cola is the equivalent to 100% of the recommended daily intake of sugar. With so many people consuming more than 1 can of Coca Cola a day, it’s no wonder that we are dealing with an obesity problem. Obesity is just one of the chronic illnesses that can occur when you drink soft drinks over a long period of time. Other diseases caused by Coca Cola are: high blood pressure, risk of heart attack because of high LDL levels, type 2 diabetes in women, and bone loss. Doctors recommend sticking to 1 can of Coca Cola a week, if you must have it at all.

Along with causing obesity, and raising your risk for a heart attack, there are links between Coca Cola consumption and cancer. There is a chemical in Coca Cola called benzoic acid, and when it mixes with vitamin C and metal ions, it forms a chemical known as Benzene, which is a known carcinogen. Once concerned citizens learned there was Benzene in Coca Cola, they called for stricter regulations of the cancer-causing chemical. Though there have been efforts from some soft drink producers to regulate this, many of them don’t, and won’t regulate Benzene in their products. Therefor doctors have concluded that people who consume more than 1 can of Coca Cola a week are more likely to develop cancer than those who don’t. So once again, it’s proved that you should stick to the 1 can a week rule.

A lot of people can’t kick their Coca Cola addiction because of the benefits and naturally addictiveness of caffeine. There is as much caffeine in one can of coke as there is in one strong cup of coffee. Can you imagine drinking 2 liters of coffee a day? That is the reality for many people suffering with Coca Cola addiction. The problem here is, the effects from caffeine can really wreak havoc on your health. These effects include: sleep deprivation, bed wetting in children, and anxiety. Caffeine is also very addictive, and when the body is going through caffeine withdrawal you may experience: headaches, fatigue, decreased alertness, depression, and irritability. All of this from a little can of Coca Cola.