10 Easy Minecraft Challenges Even Noobs Can Complete


Minecraft is a giant and expansive world, no one is denying that. The game is a sandbox world where the player’s imagination is their only limitation. In today’s video we will be looking at some of the easiest achievements and challenges new players can do right from the start. We look at some of the most basic elements of the game like opening your inventory and collecting wood. We go from the basics to fundamentals with your first crafted tools. Once your tools are in order we look at baking, starting with simple bread to delicious cake. We move on to conquering the nether by taking the steps towards becoming a monster hunter and how easy it can be to kill a common monster. Of course, not all monsters and creatures are evil, and in fact we take advantage of some of the achievements we can earn by interacting with animals in the Minecraft world. After that we hone our archery skills and grab a quick achievement along the way. We will be looking at a lot more easy achievements that even the greenest of players can pick up during their first few days in the world of Minecraft today on The Gamer. If you liked this video, let us know down in the comments and give us a like. If you want to see more exciting videos about the games you love, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. And hey, while you’re here you could look around in our playlists to see if there are more videos you like. We’ll bet you will love what you find.