10 Easy Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do


Do you want to learn how to make a coffee cup levitate? Magic tricks are very impressive, but some of these are really easy! From magical playing cards, bendable coin, a magnetic pencil, a jumping rubber band, and a missing finger, to a floating coffee cup and a bent coin, these are 10 easy magic tricks anyone can do!

Let’s start with the floating coffee cup. Grab a styrofoam cup and show it to your audience. Without revealing it, pierce the cup with your thumb and then lift it, giving the illusion the cup is levitating on its own. Use your other hand to make it seem like you’re the one taking control over the cup and creating the magic.

Can you bend a solid coin? This magic trick is pretty simple. You’ll need to bend a coin before you start your trick. Once you do, get a normal quarter. Then hide your bent quarter in your palm and switch the coins in the middle of the magic trick. That’s all it takes to bend a coin!

Have you ever wondered how to do the dislocated thumb thing? The missing finger trick is popular, but it’s also very fun to do. All you’ll need is your own two hands and some practice to make sure your audience won’t actually see what’s happening behind the magic!

What’s your favorite magic trick? If you love magic, make sure to watch our video and find out how to bend a coin, get a missing finger, change the color of playing cards, make a rubber band jump on fingers, spin a playing card mid-air, or how to make a floating coffee cup.