10 Easter Eggs Found In Roblox Games


Roblox games are all built and created by other players. This gives the creator of the game a lot of leeway when it comes to game designs and different options. Along with the basic levels and maps to explore, a number of players have found different hidden Easter eggs in their vast worlds.

For example, in both the classic and new versions of Roblox High School, you can explore the school and find hidden secrets among the halls. These secrets include hidden lunchroom recipes and secret rooms dedicated just to the teachers. The Murder Mystery games are great to play, especially around Christmas. Solving a murder isn’t the only mystery though, as players can find a whole secret room located in the game’s lobby. The game Epic Minigames also has a secret room that can be unlocked through clicking on a series of objects. Greenwood Town is a crazy violent game, but things take a shocking turn for the worse for anyone that heads down in the rivers. Work at a Pizza place is a great simulation game, but there are some hidden secrets among items. Several players have unleashed these secrets and use them to create fun moments in the game. Jailbreak is a fun and challenging game. Once, you get the hang of things, you chose to explore the local area, find secret ways out, and then take your time as a fugitive to discover more Easter egg items. Other Easter eggs can be found in the Elephant Hotel, Trade Hangout, Blox Lobby, and in the Make a Cake game.