10 DUMB Internet Challenges That Just Won't Die


Internet challenges have been around forever, and they were created as a way for online

participants to join in together and complete a task. Many of these challenges kept us laughing for days, while others had us scratching our heads and wondering, “What were they thinking?” Some challenges gain popularity, only to fizzle out within a couple of months.

Other challenges have proven that they really have some staying power. We’re ready for these viral challenges to finally die and go away forever, but the chances of that happening are slim. Everyday, more and more Internet users upload challenge videos to the web, much to our dis-may.

The 100 Layers Challenge started off in the beauty community when a YouTube personality

applied more than 100 layers of nail polish. The results were a dome of nail polish sitting on top of her nails like a mountain. Other beauty gurus caught wind of her video, and the 100 Layers Challenge was born. It has now been transformed into 100 Layers of pretty much anything you can get your hands on, and we doubt this challenge will be slowing down or going away any time soon.

Some challenges can be harmful, and that’s why we’re confused as to why they continue to

remain popular. Maybe it’s the element of danger that makes Internet users continue to attempt them over and over again. The Choking Challenge is a dangerous game that has been played for years, but it had a spike in popularity when participants began uploading their fainting videos to the web. Oxygen is temporarily cut off from the brain and causes a temporary high. More than a handful of participants have died while completing the challenge, and we can only hope no one else loses their life all in the name of an Internet challenge.

Another risky Internet challenge is Planking, also known as the laying down game. This chal-lenge is still going strong today despite the dangerous element to it. Sure, you can plank on a field of grass, but what fun is that? That’s why participants started to look for the highest, most dangerous places to get their plank on, and the results were tragic. In 2011, a 20-year-old Aus-tralian man was planking on a balcony when he lost his balance and fell seven stories, killing himself instantly.

The Fire Challenge is yet another dumb and dangerous challenge that has taken over the web. For this challenge, participants rub alcohol or hand sanitizer on a part of their body. Then, they light a match and watch their skin go up in flames. Many people have been injured participating in this challenge, but that hasn’t stopped new users from uploading their challenge videos to the web.

We have seen some of the dumbest Internet challenges go viral. Which one is your favorite?