10 Douchy Posts The Rich Kids Of Snapchat Have To Stop Doing


We would be a whole lot less irritated by rich kids if we didn’t have to see their ridiculous Snapchat posts, especially these 10 douchy posts the rich kids of Snapchat have to stop doing. Whether they’re sarcastically bemoaning their ‘hard life’ or boasting about their vacations, they sure know how to get on our nerves. Some of their posts are more annoying than others, and they need to stop them right now. These are the 10 we can’t stand.

Showing off is what a lot of these rich kids do best. And boy do they have a lot of things to boast about. Like their stunning houses that wouldn’t look out of place in a period drama, or their flashy food and drink. No, we do not want to see your dog sipping champagne, thank you very much. Nor do we need to see the caviar and truffles you’re eating as a snack. Or your foie gras. And when it comes to eating out, we have had enough of seeing Snapchat posts showing the helicopters and private jets that have taken you to a lunch date.

Cash and credit cards are so meaningless to the rich kids of Snapchat that they use them for purposes other than paying for things. Like using Amex Black Cards for spreading butter on their toast or drawing straight lines. Or stuffing their wads on cash in the most ridiculous places. And they’re not fans of regular people who don’t have the luxury of misusing money. With their constant use of words like ‘peasant’, ‘pleb’ and ‘chav’, they’re really not making regular people warm to them. Ridiculing their staff and belittling normal folk is not something we want to see. Nor is teasing scholarship kids. Their obsession with using the private school hashtag also needs to stop. We get it, you have a privileged education. You don’t need to mention it in every post.

The rich kids of Snapchat’s most annoying posts include photos of the extravagant gifts their daddies have given them, like expensive cars and gadgets for birthdays and good grades. And they also like to show off about just how many versions they have of each thing. Why force yourself to choose just one color iPhone when your Daddy will buy you five different ones? And it must be so hard to choose which Ferrari to drive each morning when you have a whole fleet.

Discover more about the 10 douchy posts the rich kids of Snapchat have to stop doing in our video, and let us know in comments which one you find the most annoying.