10 DOUCHEY Posts Of The Rich Kids Of Snapchat


If you are like most of the world, then you might have a slight obsession with the rich. Seeing how the 1% lives can get pretty addicting. From taking helicopters to school, to getting thousands of dollars in allowance, the rich kids of snapchat live a life of luxury. But, there are times that all that luxury can go to their head, and they flirt with the line of being flashing and being just plain douchy. These are 10 douchy things the rich kids of snapchat do.

Most of the world has come to terms with the fact they won’t be rich. One thing they probably won’t be able to handle is watching children flaunt their loads of cash on snapchat. Not only do the rich kids of snapchat do this, but they have gotten creative with their flashy snaps. From using money for anything like a tablemat, tissue paper, and even toilet paper these rich kids have gotten a bit obnoxious when it comes to showing off their dough. We usually see behavior like this from insecure adults, but we guess the kids are starting young these days.

When they aren’t flashing their cash, they are showing the world just how important they are by showing off their designer goods. The rich kids of snapchat can only have the best things life has to offer, and they make sure we all see what we are missing out on. By the best things, we mean water that costs three figures, and clothing that most people would have to take out a small loan to afford. We get that they have grown accustomed to the finer things, but to show off their $5,000 shoes, when a lot of people in the world don’t have any, is pretty douchy. It would be nice to see them donating their clothes and shoes to charity every now and then.

Speaking of things it would be nice to see the rich kids of snapchat do, they should start complaining less. These kids are given everything in the world, and they still aren’t happy! Which just goes to show, money can’t buy you happiness, not in this case at least. From being annoyed with their butlers, to complaining about the size of their million dollar houses, they just don’t know what it’s really like to suffer. These rich kids seem to be ungrateful for their very fortunate lifestyles, and if they are so unhappy, we know a ton people who would be willing to trade spots!

Another thing that has to stop is the constant need these rich kids have to show off their watches. What is the deal with this? A watch for a birthday, a watch for an A, a watch just because, we are up to here with your watches! We get it, you’re rich, and your watch is expensive, but we really don’t care. Go back to showing us the cool vacation you are on, but please, refrain from getting your stupid watch in the frame this time! Or at least do something funny and show us a Mickey Mouse watch, just no more Rolex, PLEASE!

One of the douchiest things a rich kid can do on snapchat is destroy expensive things that most people take months to save up for. What’s an iPhone or IPad to someone who can just purchase a new one at a whim? The rich kids of snapchat go through expensive gear and electronics so quickly they are keeping Apple in business. When they get new phones, they go to great lengths to destroy their old phones for everyone to see on snapchat. From burning expensive stuff they don’t want anymore to not taking care of the stuff they already have, it seems like it’s about time their parents pull the cord on these kids.