10 DisneyMoviesThatWereNeverMade


If you are a Disney fan, you have probably seen all the movies and love the Disney princesses. But there are actually some stories that you will never hear and characters that you will never meet. This is because many projects were canceled according to rumors. And if you want to know more about them, make sure that you stay tuned to 10 Disney Movies That Were Never Made.

We all have a favorite Disney princess. But unfortunately, Odette from “The Swan Lake” will never have the chance to be one of them. Even though you might have seen her in “The Swan Princess,” Disney was working on a similar project too. And they were right to cancel it because the movie was not a success.

“Newt” was the first Disney Pixar movie that had to be canceled. The story of two newts who struggle to find a mate would have been really interesting. But filmmakers found out that it was too similar to “Rio” and understood that it was better to give up. But we should never say never as this project is still on the shelf and “Newt” might have another chance in the near future.

Stay tuned to hear more about movies like “Shade Maker,” “Where the Wild Things Are,” “Aida,” “Swabbies,” “The Rainbow Road to Oz,” “The Gremlins,” “The Rescuers,” and “Hercules.” Did you know that Mickey Mouse himself didn’t make it to the big screen? Stay tuned to see what happened to Disney’s mascot.