10 Disney Villains Reimagined As Beautiful


If Disney villains were beautiful, what would they look like? Talented artist J answered this question with a series of illustrations that reimagined the best-known baddies as total babes. Get ready to see the likes of Shan Yu and Captain Hook in a whole new light when you watch our video on reimagined Disney villains.

J used online art community Pixiv as the place to share these hot Disney villains, and we’re so grateful. After having seen the new version of Scar, we’ll be dreaming of a certain A-list actor all night long. That’s because not only has J reimagined the baddy from “The Lion King” as good-looking, but also as a human. A human that looks very much like a hot big screen star. There are other attractive Disney bad guys to swoon over too, from Jafar and Hades to Frollo.

But it’s not just male Disney villains that J reworked. It’s also some of the studio’s most famous female antagonists too. These have been slimmed down, made younger, and had their angular features softened to make them more appealing. You’ll see Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, and the Queen of Hearts in a whole new way. As for Ursula, just wait until you see her transformation. Perhaps Eric would have picked this version over Ariel!

Watch our video to see 10 Disney villains reimagined as beautiful, and let us know in comments which new version baddy you think looks the best, and which other bad guys and gals you’d like to see reworked by J!