10 Disney Villains Reimagined As Beautiful


Disney Villains are popular for being wicked. Their menacing glares, hilarious condescending attitudes and sinister cackles are what we love best about them. Why is it then that they seem to always get the short stick in the looks department? Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, Ursula, and Hades are not at all good-looking in comparison to their Prince and Princess castmates. With their crazy hair, angular faces and bad teeth, some may even consider them to be ugly.

We all know about the theory that states that people are either ugly or beautiful based on if they are good or bad on the inside. Obviously, this isn't a true representation of people in the real world. However, it seems to be on point about how designers create characters for the world of Disney. If they're the villain, they're hideous. If they're the hero, they're beautiful.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It doesn't matter what someone looks like. What truly matters is what is on the inside. In the case of the villains, they all miserably fail the test that checks if they're a good person. They're too jealous, cruel and mean to care about anyone other than themselves.

What if we could see them transformed as beautiful, inside and out? Would Ursula and Ariel be friends instead of enemies? Would the Queen from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” be the fairest of them all? Check out our list of 10 Disney Villains Reimagined as Beautiful to see your favorite villains from “The Little Mermaid”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Lion King”, “Peter Pan”, and more!