10 Disney Stars Who Got Arrested


Disney likes to project a squeaky clean image to all of its stars, but sometimes real people just can’t live up to the wholesome characters they portray on television. While some of the celebs on our list are more recent, we can’t promise you that we won’t ruin some of your favorite childhood films by revealing what the stars got up to once filming wrapped up. TheRichest has dug through the police blotters for you and come up with a list of ten Disney stars who got arrested. We’ll start with Disney sweetheart Debby Ryans, who blamed her driving under the influence charge on a temporary lapse in judgment. The hit show Lizzie McGuire explained the absence of one of its main characters, Miranda Sanchez, by claiming that her and her family were on vacation in Mexico. Fans found this suspicious, and the disappearance of actress Lalaine Vergara-Paras seemed even more strange when we found out she had been arrested for a rather serious crime. Another classic Disney favorite is the movie Blank Check. Child actor Brian Bonsall announced a retirement from acting, and decided to pursue a life of crime instead. He was arrested numerous times, and even inspired a fellow criminal to follow in his footsteps and imitate Brian Bonsall as a way to lure in more victims. While most people in this video were able to get away with mere probation, Phill Lewis served time for his conviction, although many people believe that it wasn’t nearly enough.