10 Disney Scenes That Would Be Banned Today


Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a memory to which we could never quite replace. In this land there were toys that spoke with intergalactic intelligence, mice who sang and made dresses, mermaids who walked and fell in love with humans, and rabbits that told time at tea parties. Sounds familiar? That’s right, we are referring to the majestic movies of your childhood; otherwise known as, the stories of Walt Disney.

However, how would you feel if we distorted that innocence, by showing you scenes that should be cut out of the movies today? This NSFW article recalls classics you may have grown up with, but didn’t quite realize that inappropriate factors came into play. Each entry is broken down to your favorite characters suddenly positioned in awkward situations, or alluding to sexual undertones.

The importance of recognizing each of these humorous or controversial instances, is to widen your perception on what you may have experienced or acknowledge as a child growing up. Perhaps why the old proverb, “Innocence is bliss” holds significance in our lives, the more we get older. Otherwise, how would have we known that there were things we may have missed back then? Could it have been that the creators of the films wanted to keep things interesting for them, while their kids were distracted with awe, as you once were? Or that it was completely a coincidence to create such a discomforting, yet seemingly intriguing situation for kids to come to terms with as well?

Over the last decade or so, theories have been made that many of these movies purposely included sexual or shocking subject matter, to see if adults would catch on. Whether it would involve a phrase, image hidden away or words that you could find in the background. No matter the film, topic, or audience - it appears that the Disney crew wanted to remind you that it’s not a small world afterall; that sometimes, things are as obvious as as they come in this vast, interesting planet earth. Perhaps our parents secretly knew what we were watching all along, and they were having a bit of a laugh. One would think that the moral of each story is to value human relationships, family, friendships or the importance of staying strong throughout difficult circumstances. While these lessons may still be brought to arms, inspiring you or whoever would watch these movies, you may find that these additional bits might ruin a bit of your previous image for the storylines.