10 Disney Princesses Without Makeup


In recent years, there has been an online movement to encourage women to embrace their natural beauty. The proponents of the natural movement have posted selfies and videos online of themselves sans makeup. These images have compelled a multitude of women to fall in love with their imperfectly perfect skin. More women than ever are now comfortable with confidently putting their flaws on display as a way to empower themselves and others.

Although there’s nothing wrong with getting dolled up with a full face of products, it’s wonderful when a woman can walk outside and feel secure with herself without wearing any products. Even Disney princesses are joining the movement right along with the rest of us! With some help from photo editing programs, such as Photoshop, a few crafty Internet users digitally altered the images of some our favorite princesses. Their makeup has completely disappeared, and their natural beauty shines brightly.

Cinderella has the most dramatic transformation of them all. Her heavy eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara have been completely wiped away. Without products on, she looks much younger than she really is! And Tiana’s natural look is actually quite striking. We’re so used to seeing the New Orleans princess with rosy cheeks and plum lipstick, so it’s amazing to see what she looks like when she goes makeup-free.