10 Disney Princesses Without Makeup


Disney princesses are known for their iconic beauty, hair, outfits, and sometimes controversial body proportions. But have you ever wondered what they would all look like without any of their iconic looks? Putting on makeup every day can be tiring so what would these girls look like if they went natural for a day?

Elsa’s signature purple metallic eyeshadow and bold lashes are gone. She definitely keeps her sass and perfect braid. Her little sister Anna ditches the signature dark lashes and blush, and still looks adorable with all those freckles. Little Mermaid Ariel looks almost exactly the same without makeup.

Princess Jasmine’s signature cat eye eyeliner is gone but her eyes remain big and expressive. Snow White’s bare-faced look is the most shocking as her eyebrows are gone. Her look reflects that of the 30s, where women shaved off their eyebrows and penciled them on. Pocahontas retains her gorgeous lips and amazing bone structure. Her dark liner is gone but she still looks just as adventurous and beautiful.

Belle’s subtle makeup does not affect her innocent and sweet face, but only enhances it. Mulan definitely can rock no makeup as she impersonates a soldier for most of the film. Cinderella’s no makeup look is a bit shocking as her eyes aren’t as big and expressive without her dark lashes. Tiana remains just as beautiful without her signature makeup look.

Want to know more details about these no makeup looks? Watch our video 10 Disney Princesses Without Makeup and find out what they really look like.