10 Disney Princesses Reimagined as School Girls


For some of us, Disney princesses were our first friends. We watched them as children and grew up trying to model their behavior. But what if Disney princesses could be your actual friends? What if they went to school with you? What would they look like? We’ve compiled a list of 10 Disney Princesses Reimagined as School Girls.

Take Rapunzel for instance! Do you wonder what she would look like in school? Well, one artist reimagined her in this scenario and she looks completely different. Instead of her signature long, blonde hair, she sports brown hair tied neatly into a braid and wears glasses to settle in for a long night of studying.

Ariel would also be interesting to imagine as a schoolgirl. One artist imagined her as a sporty teenager wearing a Disney All Stars t-shirt. Because of how active Ariel was in the film, we bet she would be a great athlete.

One of our favorite Disney princesses reimagined as a schoolgirl is Belle. Opposite of her quiet, good girl demeanor in the film, this version of Belle has a bit of a rebellious side. She even has a tattoo on her right shoulder! But her love of books and reading has remained the same no matter which situation artists have drawn her in.

Whether it’s Anna from “Frozen” or Merida from “Brave,” these Disney princesses definitely look different in these scenarios. So stay tuned to 10 Disney Princesses Reimagined as School Girls. You won’t believe what Jasmine looks like!