10 Disney Princess Stories In Real Life


We all wished that we could live the life of a Disney Princess. But those who are part of a fairy tale don’t always end up happily ever after. From “Beauty and the Beast” and “Sleeping Beauty” to “Aladdin” and “Mulan,” we are going to show you 10 Disney Princess Stories in Real Life. Make sure you watch this video until the end to know what really happened to Pocahontas!

Did you know that the Beast really existed? At that time, the royal court was interested in people with unique characteristics. This is how a man who suffered from hypertrichosis became a nobleman. He even got the chance to marry a beautiful woman who thought that he had a nice personality. This is a real-life “Beauty and the Beast” story!

For an art exposition in Ukraine, we had the chance to see five real-life “Sleeping Beauty.” The women were simply sleeping, and they promised that they would marry anyone who woke them up with a kiss. But one of them was really surprised when she found out who the love of her life was! Make sure you watch this video to know more about this.

Stay tuned to hear more about Disney princess real-life stories from movies like “Beauty and the Beast,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Tangled,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Cinderella,” “Pocahontas,” “Mulan,” and “Aladdin.” If you could live one Disney princess story in real life, which one would it be? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think!