10 Disney Movie Mistakes That Are Totally On Purpose


Disney movies have been enjoyed by children and adults for decades. The wholesome and fun films are full of awesome animations and catchy tunes that capture our hearts. But Disney movies aren’t as pure as they appear, and many of the films contain inappropriate, cringe-worthy scenes and artwork. Here are a few movie mistakes that we definitely think were added on purpose.

When Aladdin is making his way through the village, he ends up inside a room with the Harem Girls. The girls are completely irritated by him, and many people assume it’s because they’re prostitutes working in a brothel; and they’re upset that the dirty, disheveled and broke Aladdin is interrupting their business. When he returns all cleaned up as Prince Ali, the Harem Girls just can’t get enough of him. Since Disney has never confirmed nor denied the girls are actually prostitutes, viewers will continue to assume that this is yet another hidden message that Disney added to the film on purpose.

Disney got caught redhanded when an image of a naked woman was discovered in the background of “The Rescuers Down Under.” The blurry image of the lady was slipped into the film twice during post-production. Once the film was released on VHS, Disney announced a recall of 3.4 million copies of the film as a form of damage control. When the movie was re-released, newer versions of the film had completely scrubbed away all images of the nude woman.

Many people believe Disney has been inserting sexual innuendos into their movies for decades, and when “Tangled” was released, another provocative image was uncovered. In the promotional photo for the movie, Rapunzel’s long hair is wrapped around the body of Flynn Rider. People claim that if you look closely enough at the way her hair is wrapped, it spells out the word “sex.”

As one of Disney’s oldest characters, Mickey Mouse is no stranger to controversy, but this latest blunder is definitely shocking. In the artwork for “Mickey Mouse: Bladid,” Mickey and Minnie can be seen sharing a warm embrace. The positioning of the two characters, as well as the shape of Minnie’s torso, really gives the appearance that Mickey is holding male genitalia. This is one illustration that should’ve never been released.

Which of these Disney mistakes were you most surprised by?