10 Disney Characters Who Might Not Actually Be Dead After All


Disney films are known for being wholesome and family oriented. The main characters always find their way out of bad situations, defeat the villain, and live happily ever after. But the heroes often face obstacles and villains along the way. Of course, sometimes the outcome of these villains are a bit obscure and can be open to interpretation. SO we have compiled a list of some Disney characters who might still be alive. Just like Bing Bong from Inside Out. There’s one theory that states he is actually a monster from Monsters Inc who visited Riley when she was younger. SHe thought he was imaginary and so the Bing Bong who sacrificed himself was only a memory of him and not the real Bing Bong.

And how about Captain Phasma? Are you a Star Wars fan? The Last Jedi left us with more questions than answers, especially when it comes to Phasma. Although it appears she plummets to her death, we think she will be back for more in the next film.

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